Avira OEM integration
Foundation: 1991
Place: USA
Partnership programs: OEM integration, Rebranding & Bundling
Avira antivirus engine integration: Yes
Products are available for rebranding: Anti-Malware SDK, Antispam SDK

Main features of ОЕМ partnership
  • Decrease time-to-market through easy and fast co-branding of Avira products.
  • Start selling new products almost instantly, without any development or integration requirements.
  • Generate additional revenue streams based on new or extended security business lines.
  • Offer more products and value-added services based on features and benefits you could not offer before.
  • Reliable, extremely powerful Avira technology with award-winning detection performance.
  • Fast reaction to new dangers through the Avira Protection Lab.
E-Mail: avira@antivirusoem.com
Office address: USA

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