McAfee OEM integration
Foundation: 1987
Place: USA
Partnership programs: McAfee OEM Alliances
McAfee antivirus engine integration: Yes
Products are available for rebranding: McAfee Embedded Security, McAfee Anti-Virus SDK , McAfee Trusted Source , McAfee Network Security, McAfee Data Protection

Main features of ОЕМ partnership
  • Technical design teams to assist you with analysis, integration, and development
  • Business development expertise to assist with go-to-market strategy and execution
  • Access to a rich array of tools, such as product collateral, training materials, and market research to help you better market your product or service
  • Assistance in creating your marketing materials for print and the web
  • Dedicated partner technical support for prompt answers to questions 24/7
  • The worldwide 24/7 vigilance of McAfee Labs, our top-ranked global research team that spots existing and emerging threats and provides remediation to keep you ahead of hackers and exploits
Office address: USA

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