Create an own antivirus having used service OEM of integration of anti-virus technology.
Until now there was nothing easier !
Service of rebranding of anti-virus technology is a complex of procedures which are carried out by a developer of technology. The result is provided to the customer. When procedure will end - you can fully take a place in the market and sell own product. No any territorial restrictions. You will charge price - what will consider necessary.
Choose a condition suitable for you and start your business
of information security right now!
Than it is profitable?
  • Own developers aren't necessary to you
  • Short completion dates
  • A stable product with thousand audience
  • External support service
Profitable types of partner programs:
  • OEM partnership (Co-branding)
  • Antivirus engine integration

Choose the best partner for yourself and start to work right now !
Most hi-tech solution: BitDefender
BitDefender OEM Integration
Foundation: 2002
Place: Romania
Partnership programs: Technology or SDK Integration, Re-branding, Private Labeling, or Co-branding, Bundling, Pre-Installation
Most economical solution: Zillya !
Zillya! OEM Integration
Foundation: 2009
Place: Ukraine
Partnership programs: Co-branding, Antivirus engine technical OEM integration.
QuickHeal OEM Integration
Foundation: 1993
Place: India
Partnership programs:Technology partner, reseller program
Norman OEM Integration
Foundation: 1984
Place: Norway
Partnership programs: Become a Reseller, Affiliates, Hardware & Software Bundling, Rebranding & Co-branding, XSP's
ZonerAntiVirus OEM Integration
Foundation: 1993
Place: Czech Republic
Partnership programs: OEM Partnership
GFI OEM Integration
Foundation: 1992
Place: USA
Partnership programs: GFI OEM Partner
Fortinet OEM Integration
Foundation: 2000
Place: USA
Partnership programs: FortiClient Endpoint Security
IKARUS OEM Integration
Foundation: 1986
Place: Austria
Partnership programs: Engine integration
Kaspersky OEM Integration
Foundation: 1997
Place: Russia
Partnership programs: Technology Integration, Co-Branding
Eset OEM Integration
Foundation: 1992
Place: Slovakia
Partnership programs: For Service Providers, For OEM Partners & System Builders,
McAfee OEM Integration
Foundation: 1987
Place: USA
Partnership programs: McAfee OEM Alliances
Avira OEM Integration
Foundation: 1991
Place: USA
Partnership programs: OEM integration, Rebranding & Bundling
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